Schola Cantorum

Instituted in Spring 2012, the FLC Schola has a two-fold mission: to glorify the Lord each week through first-rate performances of carefully selected vocal music; and to offer outstanding young musicians opportunities to expand their repertoire and hone their vocal, expressive, and sight-singing skills through collaboration, solo and chamber performances, and recordings. The ensemble on any given Sunday draws from a wider pool of Schola members, many of whom also have regular singing positions and gigs at other institutions. This alternating system provides variety for the congregation and feasibility for the singers, who must balance their commitment to the Schola with their other musical and professional responsibilities.

To get involved in the FLC Schola as a singer, sponsor, tech hand, or other supporter, please contact Audrey atafernandezfraser [at] post [dot] harvard [dot] edu.

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, founder and leader of the FLC Schola, has been singing at FLC’s 8am services since shortly after her graduation from Harvard College in 2011, where she was a soprano in the University Choir and Choral Fellows. She has studied voice with Frank Kelly and Matt Anderson. With a minor in music (and a major in Human Evolutionary Biology), Audrey also studied composition and choral conducting at the European American Musical Alliance in 2010 and 2011. A lover of sacred, early and contemporary music, she has sung for numerous churches in the area, and has been a recent member of Boston ensembles including Canto Armonico, the Cantata Singers, and the Copley Singers.

Many thanks to the singers of the Schola Cantorum, a small ensemble which has been fortifying the 8AM worship with a wide range of vocal works, mostly of the 17th to 19th centuries. Here the singers are pictured in action from Sunday February 24th include Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Claire Shepro (alto), Jerome Fung (tenor) William Hawley (bass). Like the First Lutheran Church choir, this group is composed of all volunteers and has brought a high degree of musicianship and dedication to the worship life of the congregation.

Listen to the quartet’s fine rendition of Henry Purcell’s Funeral Sentences here.

The Schola rehearses with Balint Karosi, inbetween jokes.
The Schola rehearses with Balint Karosi, inbetween jokes.


Audrey  Fernandez-Fraser, Clare Shepro (hidden) Jerome Fung, William Hawley and Balint Karosi
Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Clare Shepro (hidden) Jerome Fung, William Hawley and Balint Karosi


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  1. Gracia Hegener says:

    Hello…I am trying to access “A New Magnificat” by Carol Jennings done in 2012, I believe. I am having trouble finding it and have tried the podcasts but this doesn’t come up. Can you help me?

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